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12 strains for pain

12 Best CBD Strains for Pain

CBD flower is very effective in relieving many types of pain. Before you buy, there are some things you should know. These are the top 12 CBD strains to help with pain relief.

CBD for pain relief

CBD for Pain Relief

Many people use CBD for its pain-relieving effects. Studies have shown that CBD significantly reduces pain and inflammation in the body.

Many people who suffer from chronic pain report using CBD for its powerful pain-relieving properties. 

CBD has been known to help with all kinds of bodily pain. From arthritis to migraines, to fibromyalgia, and even epilepsy. 

In fact, before CBD rose to prominence in the past few years, a pharmaceutical company created Epidiolex. It is the only CBD product on the market that is prescribed by doctors and approved by the FDA for epilepsy.

CBD has potential benefits for relieving pain and being a natural, non-habit forming alternative to highly addictive opioids that are prescribed left and right for pain management in the US.

If you struggle with pain management or know someone who does, it is worth looking into CBD.

There are many different forms of CBD used for pain management. Your best bet is to look for particular strains that are known to help with pain relief.

In this article, we compiled the best strains that are known to help with pain relief.

12 Best CBD Strains for Pain Relief – Consistency

Let’s put it this way, if you have iron deficiency, you wouldn’t just take one iron pill at random and expect your problem to disappear.

You would follow a protocol that was given by your doctor to gradually address the problem.

The same applies to CBD products.

Unfortunately, many doctors don’t know enough about CBD so they are reluctant to recommend it to patients who have pain. Instead, we have to look for information in the vast sea of Google search results and untrustworthy sources. However, there are many studies that have been conducted as it relates to CBD and pain.

Different forms of CBD products can have varying effects as we mentioned briefly earlier. For example, a balm or a cream is best for local use.

If you spend long hours at the computer or are sore after a workout, or if you have any inflamed muscles or injuries, a balm or a cream is best for this. 

Taking it at the same time every day is the best way to feel the effects for pain relief. Taking it at the same time everyday and creating a ritual around it helps to allow the CBD to integrate into your system more thoroughly.

CBD Flower and Pain

Oils or tinctures are best for headaches but also great for prolonged use for any kind of pain ailment. 

Taking a potent tincture for pain relief is a great option. 

However, the tincture must be very potent. It must be at least 1,000mg in order to deliver strong pain relief effects.

Many have actually reported that smoking CBD flower is the best way to get fast-acting and potent pain relief effects immediately.

Smoking is one of the fastest ways to feel the effects of CBD. That’s why many people recommend smoking CBD Flower over any other delivery method for pain relief. 

Daily consumption of CBD via smoking might be the most effective way to feel the effects when it comes to pain relief. You will notice your muscles and joints relaxing immediately.

CBD strains

12 Best CBD Strains for Pain: Timing

Timing is everything. It is very important that you both time your consumption correctly and choose the right strain. 

Smoking the wrong strain at the wrong time can cause unwanted effects, like smoking a Sativa right before bed and feeling wide-eyed.

Choosing the right strain will depend on what you are looking to get out of the strain and what time of day you are consuming it. 

CBD terpenes for pain

12 Best CBD Strains for Pain – Importance of Terpenes

In order to pick the right strains for you, you are going to have to do some research into terpene profiles.

Terpenes give plants their flavor and aroma. They also play an important part in the entourage effect, which is the accumulative effect of cannabinoids flavonoids, and other terpenes. 

Some terpenes have been shown to be effective in relieving insomnia symptoms by producing a relaxing and sedative effect. Other terpenes can increase alertness, and focus, even making you feel more talkative and hyperactive.

These are the most important terpenes tested in CBD flower:

  • Bisabolol BALANCED
  • Borneol NIGHTTIME
  • Beta-caryophyllene NIGHTTIME
  • Farnesene NIGHTTIME
  • Geraniol DAYTIME
  • Humulene BALANCED
  • Limonene DAYTIME
  • Linalool NIGHTTIME
  • Myrcene NIGHTTIME
  • Ocimene DAYTIME
  • Pinene DAYTIME
  • Terpineol NIGHTTIME
  • Valencene DAYTIME
12 best CBD strains for pain

12 Best CBD Strains for Pain – Picking the Right Strain

To be honest, almost any CBD strain will help with pain. As long as it is cultivated well and in the right setting to produce a potent flower.

CBD in general helps to relieve pain through our body’s cell-signaling system known as the endocannabinoid system.

CBD and other cannabinoids interact with core components of the ECS through receptors found in our brain and immune system. These receptors also regulate and manage pain levels in our bodies.

These receptors are tiny proteins that receive signals from different stimuli and help your cells respond. 

This interaction and response cause pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory effects that assist in managing pain.

Let’s get back to picking the right strain of CBD flower for pain.

You are going to want to look for strains that are high in ‘total cannabinoids.’

Total cannabinoids differ from CBD percentage because it includes all of the cannabinoids present in the bud, not just CBD.

This means that CBG, CBN, CBD, and THC (delta-8 and delta-9) are all included in the total cannabinoid percentage.

You should also look for the terpenes caryophyllene, geraniol, linalool, borneol, humulene, and myrcene. 

Below are some of the best CBD strains for pain

  1. Hawaiian Haze
  2. Durban Poison
  3. Special Sauce
  4. Sunset Road Sherbet
  5. Abacus
  6. The Wife
  7. Bubba Kush
  8. Magic Bullet
  9. Juicy Fruit
  10. Frosted Kush
  11. El Jefe
  12. Remedy
  13. Cherry Wine

Closing Thoughts

CBD has few side effects and is an excellent alternative to habit-forming prescription medication for pain relief. 

It interacts with pain receptors in our body and delivers strong relief for chronic pain and other pain conditions. 

The best way to experience fast relief is by smoking CBD flower. Other methods of delivery can work well, but smoking provides almost immediate effects.

It is very important to find the right strain for pain relief. You should also look for the total cannabinoid content and pick a strain that is abundant in both cannabinoids and terpenes. 

By choosing the right strain, and doing some research on the terpenes, you can decide whether a strain is best for daytime use or nighttime use for pain relief. 

We hope this article helped you in finding the relief you are looking for. CBD is a powerful pain reliever and should be used with intention. CBD has little to no side effects and has never proven to be lethal or even cause any kind of overdose. So, it is a relatively safe plant medicine to apply to your daily routine.

That being said, keep in mind, we are not medical professionals, and this is not medical advice. Seek out guidance from your physician before you start any new medications. 

Shop CBD flower today!

Have you tried using CBD for pain management? Which strains are best for you? We would love to hear from you!

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