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Best CBD Strains

Best CBD Strains

Cannabidiol (or CBD) is a remarkable compound found in marijuana and hemp plants. Studies shoe that more than 25% of Americans have tried it. One in seven people uses CBD daily.

It transcends all age demographics as well. About 40% of users are aged between 18 and 29. However, there are plenty of 30 to 44-year-olds who take part (about 32%) and 15% of users who are in their 60s or older.

The variety of CBD strains you can use shows how diverse the effects of CBD are. There are many CBD strains you can choose from, as well as reasons to try each of them.

This raises the question: Which types and strengths of CBD are most beneficial for you?

Indica, sativa or a hybrid? Are you using it for baking brownies, rolling a joint, taking a tincture,  or giving it to your pet? 

Continue reading for our detailed guide to some of the most popular strains currently on the market. 

Suver Haze

Suver Haze cannabis flowers are CBD and cannabinoid-rich and share their lineage with the Early Resin Berry strain and Suver #8 strain. Our Suver Haze is grown onsite on our farm, completely organically and pesticide-free. 

They also undergo rigorous quality control and testing to ensure quality and potency. 

Furthermore, the buds of the Suver Haze are a dark green color with a bright array of blood-orange pistils. Her sticky-cured hemp flowers can be broken up to reveal a lemongrass aroma with a hint of citrus and pepper.

We recommend that you use her in a dry vape, bond, or joint to get the full flavor. Every drag of the Suver Haze CBD flower will produce a fresh and clean smoke! 

It’s not overpowering or too harsh on your throat, which is the best thing about it. As a result, every puff has a sweet, fresh flavor. 

Additionally, there’s a distinct undertone of lemongrass due to the strong presence of the limonene terpene. 

Hawaiian Haze CBD

Hawaiian Haze

The Hawaiian Haze strain is a mouthwatering, delicious hybrid that will make you feel like you are floating away to the tropics!

This strain is known for its unique flavor and scent profile as well as its effects. It will leave you feeling happy and calm.

We also grow this potent CBD-rich strain, pesticide-free on our organic hemp farm in Central Florida.

Her buds give off a tropical aroma that is similar to passionfruit, pineapple, and papaya. Her terpenes produce sweet fruity flavors, which are enhanced by soft piney and woody notes. Hawaiian Haze hemp flower is bold and stunning! 

In addition, they offer a rich and vibrant pine green color, often with a thick layer of bright blood orange pistils.

Hawaiian Haze is well known for its high cannabinoid and terpene content. The terpene profile combined with the cannabinoid commonly present provides tranquil and relaxing effects. 

This strain typically has a CBD level of between 17% and 20%. Alpha-pinene, myrcene, and terpinolene are the main terpenes present in her flowers.


Two possible explanations could be given for Lifter’s nickname. One explanation for Lifter’s name could be that it is a reference to the tomato crop Mortgage Lifter. 

On the other hand, Lifter may have been named by cultivators in honor of its positive and uplifting effects. 

This high-CBD hemp variety is a popular choice for daytime users, regardless of the reason. 

Additionally, it isn’t intoxicating so you won’t feel high. Lifter, which contains significant amounts of citrusy terpene Limonene, is a sweet strain with a great flavor profile.

Sour Space Candy

Sour Space Candy is a high-CBD Sativa dominant cultivar that shares its lineage with the Early Resin Berry and Sour Tsunami. 

We grow our own Sour Space Candy on our organic and sustainable farm based in Apopka, FL.

The cured nugs release a delightfully sweet, pungent gaseous-floral scent that lasts for hours. 

The flowers are medium-sized and round, with sweet sap-like resinous oil coverings that will stick to your hands. 

In addition, when smoked or vaporized, users will notice a strong flavor of diesel and fruity fruits. There are subtle notes of pine and sour lemon.

Sour Space Candy CBD hemp flower flowers contain a variety of cannabinoids that combine to produce energizing and uplifting effects. Her dominant terpenes include pinene and limonene. 

Because of Sour Spcae Candy’s diverse terpene profile, it helps to reduce stress and induce relaxation. Her buds can contain CBDA, THCA, and CBD.

Furthermore, this strain has an energizing effect and is best for social use or during the day.

Grape Soda

Fresh, fruity, fizzy delicious, this strain is just as refreshing as cold soda after a long hot day. It is the Tahoe OG Kush phenotype’s unique hemp strain.

Grape Soda cannabis strain is a powerful hybrid that has a striking appearance. The grape soda hemp strain will envelop you in a thick, sweet smoke filled with grape and fruity scents. 

Its grape-like flavor is characteristically citrusy and sour. 

This bud is high in CBD, with a 19% average or higher. Therefore, it will provide you with a strong, full-bodied feeling of tranquility and calm. You can use this strain to help relax at the end of your day with this CBD strain.

In addition, it has a diverse terpene profile of myrcene, caryophyllene, and limonene. As a result of its terpene profile, this strain offers powerful relaxing and mood-boosting effects, respectively.

Painted Lady

Is a potent, high-CBD cultivar that is hybridized with an American feral variety. The word feral may seem out of place here, but let’s get into why it’s relevant.

The original breeder of Painted Lady, Davis Hemp Farms actually sent a team of experts to travel around the US to find a viable and feral hemp seed. 

Consequently, years of intensive hunting state-by-state and generations of selective breeding resulted in a THC-compliant and unique flower. 

Moreover, this heirloom-style CBD was derived from wild hemp, and it has become a popular namesake.

You can expert a tropical and sweet aroma and a full-bodied muskiness often found in purple strains.

Bubba Kush (Pre ’98)

Bubba Kush is the best choice when it comes to flavorful flowers.

The aroma is one aspect of this popular strain, but its history is another prominent aspect of its popularity. 

Kush started to circulate in the late seventies after its fame was brought to light by early Afghan growers. People living in remote parts of North America were able to enjoy the strain’s greatness. The dense, pungent flowers were very appealing to growers and also drove their popularity.

Furthermore, it is Indica dominant, which is what most people want from CBD strains. It has a combination of thick trichomes with earthy flavors that makes it a true winner.

Check out this article about CBD kush: What is CBD Kush? The Strain Everyone Is Talking About


Are you familiar with the CBD-dominant AC/DC strain?

You can thank the Mothership strain for this.

Mothership is a hybrid CBD strain.  It comes from fully matured hemp plants. The nugs are dense, chunky, and extremely resinous. The most fascinating thing about this strain is its terpenes.

In addition, this strain contains 18 rarely-seen terpenes such as 3-Carene and Gamma-Terpinene. It also contains terpinolene which is a terpene commonly found in THC-rich cannabis. As we all know, more terpenes mean more aroma. So make sure to crack a bud open under your nose and inhale deeply.

Sweet Wife

This is another high-CBD strain. The THC content by dry weight is less than 0.3 percent, and often lower than that.

Because of this, Sweet Wife CBD is highly sought after.

Sweet Wife has a piney, citrusy and earthy smell. These are arguably the three most desired scents for cannabis flower. The buds can be opened and you will smell everything from fresh-baked goods to cherries. We highly suggest, closing your eyes and bringing a nug to your nose, and taking a deep inhale, it is a beautiful scent profile. 

This hybrid combines Sweet Grass with The Wife, two of Tesoro Genetics’ breeds. Sweet Grass, a Sativa dominant strain, is known for its strong terpene profile. It’s primarily citrusy and skunky. The Wife is also a powerful strain.

Furthermore, these two combine to create a potent CBD combination that is loved by all. This strain is great for cooking, as it can be used in a variety of ways. A little goes a long way, so whether you are baking with it or smoking it, the same principle applies.

Sweet Wife is another high CBD strain that has very low THC levels. It is also highly sought after like the Mothership strain for these reasons.

This high-CBD strain is irresistible and very medicinal.

Best CBD Strains

Best CBD Strains: It All Depends!

This is a small sample of the wonderful diversity CBD has to offer.

CBD strains with the highest quality are those that meet every need. This includes things such as flavor, aroma, mode of consumption, and so on. 

Furthermore, the CBD you make brownies from might be different than the one you use in a tincture. These are great guides that can help you pick a strain you love. You should also experiment with it when you have the chance.

Are you open to trying any of the strains above?

At Chronic Guru, we offer a majority of these strains and 20% off your first order with us! Order online or in-person and visit our farm in Apopka, FL!

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