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Whats the difference between blunts and joints

Blunts, Joints, And Spliffs: What’s The Difference?

When it comes to smoking cannabis, joints take the cake.

Joints are perhaps the most popular method of consuming marijuana. Partially because they are easy to transport, easy to produce (if you know how), and commonly used in ritual or ‘cyphers’ with friends. 

Rolling is something that every seasoned stoner should master over time. It can be difficult for beginners.

You can also roll up marijuana in other ways, such as blunts or spliffs. Each of these three rolling styles has its own unique characteristics, with different amounts of cannabis or tobacco.

Blunts, Joints, and Spliffs

Blunts, Joints, And Spliffs: Defining

Further, blunts, joints and spliffs can all be defined by how much cannabis or tobacco they have and what materials are used to roll them.

When it comes to joints and spliffs, these are almost always rolled using rolling papers. Typically, a joint is 100% cannabis whereas a spliff is a joint with tobacco mixed in. 

On the other hand, blunts are rolled using blunt wraps. Blunt wraps are typically made using tobacco leaves, but sometimes they are made out of hemp. In addition, blunts are similar to joints in that their filling is usually pure cannabis, without any additional tobacco. The blunt wrap is usually made from tobacco, so adding more into the blunt sounds particularly unpleasant and rather harsh. 

Blunts, Joints, And Spliffs: What is a Joint?

As we mentioned earlier, joints are the most popular way to consume cannabis. In addition, they are small and portable so they are good for use on the go. Whereas, taking a bong or even a bowl around with you may not be the most discreet or optimal way to go. 

Joints consist of ground-up cannabis flower rolled into a fine rolling paper that is usually white or brown in color. However, there are novelty papers that come in all sorts of different colors and even flavors and designs.

Papers come in many sizes, including large, small, and medium. Common sizes include singles (1 1/4, 1 1/2, wide, and king) as well as ultra-thin and other additional custom sizes and types.

Furthermore, some rolling papers are made with infusions of grape, chocolate, cherry, mango, blueberry, and more. They can be made from hemp, paper, flax, rice, and more. There are many different kinds of papers out there. 

Additionally, joints typically have a filter for the mouthpiece. These can be made out of thin cardboard or some packs of papers come with filters. Not everyone uses a filter for their joints, however, a filter can be an added benefit especially for newer smokers because it can add stability to the joint and allow you to smoke it without burning your fingertips. 

Blunts, Joints, And Spliffs: What is a Spliff?

Similar to joints, spliffs are rolled in rolling paper. However, the filling has a ratio of cannabis to tobacco. Spliffs have a different effect than joints because of the added tobacco. 

Tobacco can make people feel a slight buzz or lightheaded which accentuates the effects of cannabis. Furthermore, mixing tobacco in with your joint (to make a spliff) helps the joint smoke better without canoeing.

Canoeing is common with straight cannabis joints depending on how well it was rolled. Adding some tobacco can ensure that the spliff smokes evenly, thus ensuring you are getting the most out of your spliff.

The ratio of cannabis to tobacco can vary according to your preference. This could include lots of cannabis mixed with some tobacco, or lots of marijuana and some tobacco.

What is a Blunt?

Typically, a blunt is cannabis rolled into a cigar, cigarillo, or blunt wrap. Furthermore, these blunts are usually made out of tobacco leaves, which offers an added buzz and energy from the tobacco leaf.

Blunts are usually a lot bigger than joints or spliffs rolled in paper. This is because blunts are typically rolled out of cigar wraps which are much bigger than papers. 

You can find blunt wraps in corner and grocery stores, as well as gas stations. They come in 1- or 2-packs. Many are flavored. A blunt can be made by cutting open a cigar and emptying it. You can also use cigarillos such as Swisher Sweets or Phillies.

Blunts, Joints, And Spliffs: Key Differences

You can enhance the smoking experience by the right choice of rolling material. Your overall high and experience will change depending on how you smoke your cannabis. 

Whether you are smoking alone or in a group of people matters as well. If you are smoking alone, a small joint or spliff may do the trick.

However, if you are smoking with a group of people, a kingsize paper or a blunt may be a better fit as more people will be able to hit it.

Below are the different types of rolling methods for each purpose:

  • Joint: Singles, 1 1/4, 1 1/2, wide, king. Slims or thins, and cones
  • Spliffs: 1 1/2 inches wide, king-sized cones (often bigger than joints due to tobacco)
  • Blunts: Wraps, cut-open cigars

Things to Note

The smoking experience will vary depending on the thickness of your paper. Thicker papers burn slower than thin ones, but you’ll enjoy a smoother smoke. Each smoking method has its benefits and downfalls, it really comes down to your personal preference and what you are looking to get out of the smoking experience. 

Additionally, both blunt wraps and rolling papers can be infused with flavor. While some people enjoy the added flavor, others prefer a more natural approach because the flavor from the wrap can alter the taste and experience of the bud and meddle with the overall taste and flavor.


Customers also consider the ease of rolling and functionality when choosing papers. The best papers are easy to handle between your fingers, don’t tear easily, seal well, burn evenly, and don’t rip. A joint that burns along one side is not something anyone wants, and it wastes bud. For easy rolling, some papers have their corners cut.

In addition, if rolling isn’t your thing, then another great option is cones. Cones are pre-rolled into a cone shape and you just fill it up with ground-up flower and it’s ready to go. This is a great option for beginners who have yet to master the art of rolling joints.

Joints: Pros and Cons

For a long time, joints have been a staple of cannabis consumption.


  • Portable and small
  • Excellent for sharing with friends
  • Easy to ‘clip’ or put out and save for later
  • Fairly easy to spark up anywhere you need


  • It takes some experience and practice to be able to roll one properly and functionally
  • Not the most discreet option (people in your immediate surroundings will be able to tell you are smoking a joint and smell it)

Spliffs: Pros and Cons

These tobacco cannabis-ratio joints can be compared to joints, however, they contain tobacco. They share many of the same benefits and drawbacks as joints.


  • Portable and small
  • Excellent for sharing
  • Tobacco can add an additional buzz and heady feel
  • Can be more discreet than a joint because it smells more like a cigarette depending on the tobacco to cannabis ratios


  • Smoking tobacco has its own health concerns
  • Some say that too much tobacco can ruin the taste of cannabis
  • Like rolling a joint, it takes experience to roll one properly

Blunts: Pros and Cons

Many people love blunts and prefer smoking them over other methods. Some people smoke only blunts. Others save them for special occasions. Again it just depends on your personal preference. Additionally, blunts pack a punch and usually get you higher than even a kingsize joint. 


  • Easy to spark up (if you have a lighter)
  • Portable
  • A great option for a group cypher, smoking a full blunt to the face by yourself will get you very stoned
  • Variety of flavors and options


  • Similar to spliffs, the tobacco consumption can pose other health problems
  • They are often flavored and this can ruin the taste of the bud for some.
  • Tobacco can also impact the flavor experience 
  • It also takes experience to learn how to roll one properly.
Blunts joints and spliffs, global preferences

Blunts, Joints, and Spliffs: Global Preferences

There are many factors that influence the popularity of blunts, joints, and spliffs. This is a reflection of cannabis culture in different parts of the world. In Europe, spliffs are more popular than joints. Joints are often thought to be wasteful.

Due to the adverse effects of tobacco, Americans are more likely to smoke joints than to smoke spliffs. Blunts are usually only found in the US, and not elsewhere.

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