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CBD and anxiety

CBD and Anxiety: Best Strains for Anxiety

Anxiety is something that most people struggle with in this day and age. 

It can feel debilitating, paralyzing, and put the body through a lot of stress. 

In this article, we list the top 17 CBD strains that are well-known to help with anxiety levels. Whether you experience daily anxiety or the occasional anxiety, this article is for you.

We divide this list by daytime and nighttime strains to better suit your daily routine.

CBD and Anxiety: High CBD Strains

Upon close examination of the CBD flower market as well as consumer behavior, it is clear that there are a few main reasons why people purchase CBD products.

Most CBD users are not looking for the same things that THC users are looking for. Mostly, CBD users are looking to remedy issues revolving around stress, anxiety, sleep, and pain.

The problem for many buyers is that CBD brands are not permitted to make any claims about the potential healing properties of their products.

This creates a barrier for consumers looking for the right product to solve their particular problem.

How should consumers know which strain or CBD product is best for anxiety, sleep, or pain when the brands aren’t allowed to put that information out there?

While many CBD brands may find it difficult to claim health benefits on their websites, the FDA is very clear about the rules they follow. Continue reading

This article will show you how to identify the best strains that can help with social anxiety or mental stress. 

There are commonalities among the most effective strains, but there are subtle nuances that can help you choose the best one for you.

CBD and anxiety

CBD and Anxiety: Best Strains for Anxiety: What To Expect

CBD flower has some amazing effects but it is important to take things slow and expect subtle changes.

However, these subtle changes can help reduce anxiety by affecting mood and behavior in a deeper way.

There are many things that can cause anxiety. Instead of trying to mask the problem, it’s important to take the time to get to the root of the problem.

You’ll soon start to feel the relaxing effects of CBD once you have found the right strain. You should feel the effects almost immediately when smoking it.

Smoking CBD flower will give you a sense of calm that begins by relaxing your muscles in the upper and lower back. Shortly after your muscles begin to relax, you will start to feel the psychological effects as well.

Anxiety is not just a mental issue, it lies in the body as well. 

The relief that CBD can offer for both the body and mind is very beneficial. 

You might feel a boost in your mood, yet not at the expense of a feeling of calm and tranquility. In addition, you can experience a deep sense of relaxation, and even feel a heavy and sleepy feeling that will ensure you get a restful night of sleep.

Expect to feel an overall sense of relaxation in both the body and mind.

CBD and Anxiety: Best Strains for Anxiety – THC for Anxiety?

Many people with anxiety find high-THC cannabis to be a great option. People swear by its magical effects when it comes to easing anxiety and stress both in the body and mind. 

On the other hand, some people believe that the opposite is true. THC makes some people feel anxious and paranoid, sometimes leading to panic attacks or extreme social anxiety.

Start slow if you are curious about THC for anxiety. You can even mix CBD and THC in a 50/50, 60/40, or 60/40 ratio. 

Avoid diving in headfirst and ingesting a large amount of THC as this has been shown to give people anxiety, increase heart rates, and even induce panic attacks.

If you happen to get too stoned from THC, check out this article: How To Sober Up From Being Too High

best strains for anxiety

CBD and Anxiety: Best Strains for Anxiety

Let’s begin by looking at the time you plan to smoke your buds or prerolls

Furthermore, anxiety can affect your sleep patterns, causing you to wake up at night in a panic.

If this is you, you’ll need a CBD strain to help you sleep at night.

Look for strains with high levels of terpenes such as beta-caryophyllene and linalool, myrcene, and terpineol. 

Most CBD flower vendors will give you some form of terpene analysis of their strains. Either in product descriptions or lab results.

CBD strains for nightime

CBD and Anxiety: Best Strains for Anxiety – Nighttime Strains for Anxiety

When it comes to the best CBD strains for anxiety, Bubba Kush is at the top of the list. 

This strain packs a high cannabinoid content and potent effects that puts users in the perfect comfy place for relaxation and sleep.

  1. Bubba Kush
  2. The Wife
  3. Special Sauce
  4. Sunset Road Sherbet
  5. Magic Bullet
  6. Frosted Kush
  7. El Jefe
  8. Remedy

Check out our article: 9 CBD Strains for Sleep for more info on CBD and sleep.

anxiety and CBD

CBD and Anxiety: Best Strains for Anxiety –  Daytime Strains

A common issue with taking CBD for anxiety is that many people are told to try a certain strain for stress that leaves them feeling sleepy and sedated.

Sometimes, we have anxiety in the morning and have a full day ahead of us. Nighttime strains are not going to be ideal for a situation like this. 

Instead, here are some strains that will help manage your anxiety levels and not leave you feeling exhausted.

Strains that increase your energy levels and reduce jitters, tension, and social inhibitions are best for daytime users.

Hawaiian Haze is an excellent option for those seeking daytime relief.  

It is simultaneously uplifting and calming, due to its prominent terpene profile.

  1. Hawaiian Haze
  2. Lifter
  3. Sour Space Candy
  4. Frosted Lime
  5. Elektra
  6. OG Orange
  7. Abacus
  8. Honolulu Haze
  9. Sour Tsunami
best strains for anxiety

CBD and Anxiety

We hope that this article helped you to find some relief from stress and anxiety through CBD. 

Anxiety is a common human experience, some people have it more than others, but one thing remains constant: it wreaks havoc on our bodies. 

Being in a constant state of stress exhausts our adrenals, central nervous system, and other bodily systems.

CBD can provide some relief and bring deep relaxation to those struggling with stress and anxiety. Our endocannabinoid system (ECS), the system in which cannabinoids interact with in our bodies, directly correlates to the central nervous system and other essential bodily functions.

This makes CBD an excellent option for stress relief.

It is important to utilize CBD in the most optimal way for you. Whether that’s finding the right strain for daytime use or nighttime use. 

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