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T1 Trump strain was named in honor of the 45th President of the United States with dominant aromas of citrus fruity flavor. T1 Trump is one of the tastiest nuggets on the market as it combines the taste of berries, cheese, maple and sandalwood to give you a pleasant experience, from the first cold to the final decay. In addition to its taste, T1 Trump also has one of the most amazing relationships between CBD and THC at ratio of 32: 1, this strain shows no psychoactive effects and no intoxication.

It is also one of 201’s most popular hemp varieties, Trump T1, is a robust T1 phenotype that is known to produce vigor and high levels of CBD. This genotype is a large plant with high growth and yield, thick buds, T1 is also excellent for botanical extraction.

With the T1 Trump you can overcome through dark time with 14% to 20% CBD, 0.74% CBG and a CBD / THC ratio of 32 to 1. The T1 Trump Hemp flower contains white crystal trichomes, making it a notable product among the current varieties. The hemp flower T1 Trump never sleeps. It’s a creative and hungry strain that has been tested in the field and is guaranteed to satisfy all American smokers.

It offers absolute peace and relaxation, this selection is not for sensitive souls. Most suitable for those who have experience in closing the couch. With the Trump T1 you stay cool for hours, quiet, gathered and relaxed. Flowering time: 8-9 weeks indoors. The recommended planting density is 1800-2000 plants per acre.

Keep in mind that it is strongly recommended that you act responsibly and treat T1 Trump as a cannabis product as it may look like marijuana. This strain of CBD hemp flowers is legal in all 50 states.


History of T1 Trump

T1 Trump is ideal for botanical extraction, the T1 genetics was developed by Peak Hemp, Colorado Springs, CO. The T1 Trump is a combination of Wife (a high CBD variety with an impressive CBD / THC ratio of 20: 1) and the Afghan skunk (the origin of the T1 Trump). The effect is mainly controlled and relaxed, creating a sense of calm. Afghan Skunk, on the other hand, is considered a hemp classic which is powerful and resilient, this variety is a versatile strain with a range of effects that relax the mind and alert the senses.

As a crusader of Indica and Sativa parents, the T1 Trump variety has all the charm of each, without the large THC volume inherent in Sativa strains. T1 Trump shares the anxiety-relieving properties of Afghan Skunk and the many botanical properties of Wife, and will keep you calm in any difficult time.


Why grow T1 Trump?

By harvesting T1 CBD clones, you get robust hemp flowers with fruity notes, fantastic hair and the ability to provide well-being and hours of rest. T1 Trump has all the stimuli associated with sativa strains.

T1 Trump stormed the hemp industry and is expected to become a mainstay in the coming months.  Different experts predicted that it would become a bestseller before the end of 2019, thanks to its brave name and the descent of the chiefs. This variety gives you fibrous, fat pods with more yellow hair than the Commander in Chief with soft cheese, maple, and pine scented heads, you know when your clones have flowered.

Advanced genetics and discriminatory selection make this model remarkable. T1 Trump was planted at a height of 1.80 m and in 2019 weighed on average about 2300 kg of dry plant material per hectare. Strong and determined, it can work well in brutal heat and against any environmental resistance. Those who grow it can expect a superior reputation and a terse profile. About 70% of phenotypes show orange blossom color after harvest.

Earthy and stocky with white crystal trichomes, the T1 Trump enchant you with their bright color and their earthy fragrance. Those who invest in this product will be able to grow large quantities of high CBD clones on a vast land area. Trump Hemp Flower Grease Nuggets make CBD Hemp even better with resonant fruit notes and bright orange hair. Once you’ve familiarized yourself with its towering bouquet of soft cheese, black fruit and maple syrup, you’ll agree that this smoked CBD deserves elite status. The T1 Trump would ease your worries with 20% CBD, 0.7428% CBG and a CBD / THC ratio of 32 to 1, the T1 Trump Hemp Flower is ready to reassure you before you get into a panic spiral.


Effects of T1 Trump

What you’ll notice about T1 Trump is that it provides exceptional control. With so much CBD and almost no THC, this variety is exciting to try as it makes you maintain focus, concentration, and clarity throughout the effect. At the onset of action, you will experience a sense of well-being and reduce stress to create an open mindset without focusing on mental bottlenecks. Then the tension grabs your body and slows your breathing to calm the entire system. In fact, T1 Trump slows down all your functions and allows you to feel calm and relaxed as this substance eliminates any negative feeling that could strain you. The long-lasting and long effects of T1 Trump can be exceptionally impressive, as you retain control over the overall effectiveness. Whether you choose to do a housework or a work-related task, you can be sure that T1 Trump will not interfere with your job.

The T1 Trump strain variety also has a surprisingly strong effect with a calming effect on Indica. After a while you feel very sleepy, relaxed and thoughtful. Nevertheless, someday you will start laughing, talking and laughing again.

Also note that T1 Trump is scary and tends to sneak if you are not careful. This comes after a few shots hard for you. First you will feel talkative and happy, with great laughter in the air. This social butterfly flies in a buzz of Stoney that invades your entire body. The user becomes completely introspective. So do not be surprised if you suddenly become quiet and heavy. It is also a powerful sedative that is great if you want a good night’s sleep. As you approach your bed, you can feel the desire. So prepare yourself with your favorite snacks so you do not end up in the middle of the night looking for food.

Different people would have different experience due to different body nature, but note that whatever your feelings for T1 Trump are, it’s worth a try. The extremely great nature of this bud makes it very social and worth it to try it out. The smoke is soft for your lungs and makes you happy, a little hungry and very ready for bed.


The T1 Trump flavor

T1 Trump is the perfect combination of his parenting tribe with a Skunky and sweet flavour. The flowery sweetness of the Wife, known as a combination of CBD-rich strains with an impressive 20: 1 ratio of CBD / THC, as well as the spicy fragrance of Afghan skunk form an interesting blend of flavors. The notes of citrus fruits and berries appear first, but are quickly swallowed by the stinking bitterness of earth and wood. Towards the end of the trail, subtle notes of cheese and pepper add a touch of flavor to the dynamic taste, giving it a third dimension. As you exhale, the T1 Trump clings to your mouth and lips, leaving behind traces of its lighter, fruity aromas interspersed with subtle hints of bitterness.

The taste and the effects of T1 Trump are impressive and make it a truly remarkable experience. However, low tolerance users should be aware that this may be too painful for those who do not appreciate the aroma or powerful effects.


Characteristics of T1 Trump

  • T1 Trump strain grows in small, stocky plants with very thick stems.
  • High yield, thick buds and gets big enough. T1 is ideal for botanical extraction.
  • T1 is robust and resistant to heat and cold.
  • A light berry aroma completes the indica bouquet.

The content of CBD in T1 Trump is usually between 10 and 17%. When handled properly, the THC content is less than 0.3%. Seasonal tests are required to ensure that the culture complies with local regulations.


Natural benefits of T1 Trump

Due to the above effects, this strain is suitable for a variety of medical problems. In addition to its very mild smoke, which allows beginners to more easily find their limits, it is very effective in treating depression, stress, anxiety, pain, migraine and insomnia. As this gives the user an energy boost during the first run, it is also ideal for quickly relieving fatigue, although it is not recommended for the long-term treatment of this particular condition.


Summary on T1 Trump

T1 Trump is known as one of the most popular hemp cultivars of the year 2019 in the CBD industry

Genetics: Combination of the Wife x Afghan Skunk

Flavor: Citrus with a hint of skunk taste

Color: Dark Green & Purple, Frosty

Taste: Smooth, Earthy and Tropical

Texture: Dense and Sticky

Potency: 17.29%

CBD Content: 20%

THC Content: 0.3%

Aroma and Flavor: Sweet, cheesy, and syrupy

Terpenes: Myrcene, limonene, and beta-caryophyllene

CBD to THC Ratio: 32 to 1

CBD Percentage: 9 to 10%

Flowering Time: 45 to 50 days

Plant Characteristics: Short and stocky


Conclusion on T1 Trump

Known for its stability, high yields and field success in biomass and oil production per acre, it’s not that controversial. The growth of this plant is rather moderate, as it is susceptible to certain molds and may cause headaches for beginners who are trying to use for the first time. If you invest in this hemp you can enjoy the fruits of your work between 8 and 9 weeks for indoor growers and from early to mid-October for an outdoor harvest. The return is average, but not disappointing.

Regardless of your feelings for the name of this strain, it pays to try it out. The nature of this bud makes it very social and worth to tryout. The smoke is soft for your lungs and makes you happy, a little hungry and very ready for bed.

Stable, sustainable and satisfying, the T1 Trump does its job and deserves excellent reviews from those who recognize its biodiversity and its optimal quality.


Reviews on T1 Trump

The T1 Trump work well in brutal heat and against any environmental resistance. Those who grow it have used a high quality bag and a hot terpene profile. About 70% of phenotypes show orange blossom color after harvest.

Earthy and stocky with white crystal trichomes, the T1 Trump enchant you with their bright color and their earthy fragrance. Those who invest in this product have been able to grow large quantities of high CBD clones on a large area. This highly compliant strain received positive reviews from different individuals as it grows in abundance. Ideal for isolates, food and more, T1 Trump storms the land. Stable, durable and satisfying, the T1 Trump fulfills its mission of salvaging those who recognize its biodiversity and its optimal quality. This strain, bred is contamination-free and designed for mass production.

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