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Vaping and Delta-8

Vaping and Delta-8

Vaping is the fastest and most efficient way to get the benefits of delta 8 THC.

The effects are felt much quicker than with edibles and tinctures. There are many Delta 8 THC vapes, and each one offers a different experience.

If you are interested in vaping delta-8 THC but feel overwhelmed by all the options available, here are some tips.

Vaping and delta-8

Vaping and Delta-8: How to Vape Delta-8

For starters, you should decide what kind of delta-8 THC vape you want to use. The choice is entirely personal and depends on your taste, strain preference, and potency. 

Below are a few common kinds of delta-8 THC vapes you might come across:

Vaping and Delta-8: Vape Cartridges

These cartridges contain a Delta-8 THC distillate. You can find these at your local dispensary or smoke shop.

To use this product, you will need a special vape. You can buy a cartridge vaporizer battery online or from your local smoke shop. 

For the most part, most vapes fit a 510 thread, the batteries are preset; so you don’t have to worry about adjusting the power.

These cartridges, however, are not refillable. Once you are done vaping the delta 8, you can throw them out. 

One of the reasons that delta 8 cartridges are in high demand is because they come in a variety of flavors. Some companies use natural cannabis-derived terpenes to enhance the flavor and also offer more therapeutic benefits. 

To learn more about terpenes, read this article: Cannabis and Terpenes: What Are Terpenes?

Vaping and Delta-8: Disposable Vapes

If you are looking to vape D8 but not looking to buy any other electronics like a battery, disposable vapes are a great option. 

Disposable vape pens are super easy to use because you only need to buy one product, and everything is included, the distillate and the battery come all in one!

It is pre-filled with a specific dose of delta-8 and can be thrown out when done. (Not the greenest option in terms of waste, but I digress.)

To activate the pen, all you have to do is take a pull. They are convenient for on-the-go use and just plain convenient all around. 

Similar to vape carts, the flavor is delicious and makes for an enjoyable experience. 

Vaping and Delta-8: Vape Pods

Pods are a great option, however, unlike the disposable vapes, they do require extra hardware. They can be attached to a device like a Pax era or any other device compatible with vape pods.

These pods are not refillable, so we definitely don’t recommend modifying them in any way. 

With that being said, vape pods, or the mechanism you use to smoke them are usually rechargeable.

Vaping and Delta-8: D8 THC Flower

D8 THC flower is an interesting product because it is actually hemp CBD flower with delta-8 distillate added to it. 

Whether you want to roll it up in a joint or vape it is entirely up to you. 

When it comes to vaping, you would need a dry herb vaporizer.

There are many different strains with different benefits and effects you can choose from to best fit your needs.

Vaping and Delta-8: Dosage Recommendation

When it comes to vaping, it is somewhat difficult to gauge the exact dose you are getting. 

The best dosage for you will ultimately come down to your experience. We broke it down into two sections: one for newer users and one for more seasoned users.

Delta-8 THC Vaping Newbies

As with any cannabis product, if you are a first-time user or a new user we always recommend starting low and going slow. 

After you get a feel for what works, you can slowly increase your dose until you are satisfied with the effects.

If you move too quickly with delta-8 you can experience some negative effects. Delta-8 is less potent than delta-9, but it still has similar adverse effects.

Among these are anxiety, paranoia, feeling dizzy and confused, and increased heartbeat.

If you happen to get too high from delta-8 or delta-9, check out these tips.

Your best bet is to start off with 2-3 puffs and see how you feel. Wait about 30 minutes before you decide to take more pulls.

The effects from D8 can last up to 3 hours, peaking at 1.5 hours. 

Delta-8 and Vaping

Experienced Users and Vaping

If you are familiar with delta-8, then your tolerance should be a bit higher than someone who is just starting out. 

If you are familiar with delta-9, then you should know that delta 8 is about half as potent as delta 9. 

So, if you are already a cannabis user the effects of D8 may not be as pronounced. So, we recommend starting with 4-5 puffs and seeing how you feel after 30 minutes.

Some people say that if a THC vape pen takes two puffs to get stoned, a D8 vape should take around four puffs to get high.

This all depends on your tolerance. Even if you are an experienced user but you haven’t smoked in a while, you might want to follow the dosage recommendations for a newer user. Or find a sweet spot somewhere in the middle.

Although D8 is less potent it is still a form of THC and will definitely get you high. So be mindful and pace yourself.

Vaping and Delta-8: How Does It Feel?

This cannabinoid is naturally very thick and concentrated because it naturally occurs in low amounts within cannabis plants. 

Because of this, it delivers a harsher aftertaste than vaping D9 THC or CBD. When you vape D8 THC you can expect to feel the effects between 5-15 minutes. 

Also, the length of your high can vary depending on your metabolism. There are actually many factors that contribute to how delta-8 affects you and how long it stays in your system. 

To learn more about the factors that contribute to how delta-8 affects you individually, check out: Delta-8: How Long Does It Stay In Your System?

Regardless, the high will likely stay with you for a little while.

Additionally, delta 8 THC vapes are known as the highest bioavailable way to consume delta-8. Essentially this means your body is able to take in the benefits of delta-8 more efficiently than other delivery methods. In other words, vaping can deliver the highest amount of D8 to your bloodstream.

To conclude, D8 THC vapes get you high a lot quicker than edibles and tinctures. Some other benefits associated with vaping are: choosing different strains, formats, and flavors so you can choose your product based on your preference.

Vaping and Delta-8: Key Takeaways

Vaping is the next most popular form of ingesting delta 8 THC, after edibles. You can vape in numerous ways and product types. You can get it in the form of a cartridge, disposable vape pen, pods, or even delta 8 THC flower.

How you choose to vape delta-8 THC depends entirely on your preferences and how you plan to use it. Are you a morning vaper or prefer to puff your delta 8 before going to bed? Are you looking for disposable products that can be used on their own or additional hardware?

After you have made your decision, be sure to select a credible manufacturer who uses organic hemp and has its products tested in an independent laboratory. Third-party testing is an essential part of buying any cannabis product and ensures purity and accuracy. 

Again, it’s entirely up to you and your personal preferences when it comes to vaping delta-8. 

How do you vape delta-8? We would love to hear from you!

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