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CBD Kief

What is CBD Kief? How To Use It and Where To Buy It

What is CBD Kief anyway?

Ever noticed small crystal formations “trichomes” on your CBD hemp flower?

A collection of these trichomes “Kief.” It’s also known as toppings, cannabis crystals, and pollen.

If used correctly, CBD Kief can give your hemp flower an extra boost of potent cannabinoids.

Kief actually gets its name from the Arabic word Kayf which means “well-being or pleasure.” As you read on, you will see why the name is very fitting.


Kief is a concentrated version of cannabis. It is created by the removal of resin glands. The resin glands are crystals and fuzzy coatings formed on the hemp flower. CBD Kief has the appearance of a powder-like substance but is actually made up of tiny, sticky crystals.

CBD Kief, unlike THC Kief, is not psychoactive and delivers a more relaxing effect than a traditional THC high. 

Making your own Kief is very easy.

A three-chamber herb grinder like the one below can be used to finely grind cannabis and extract Kief.

The Kief crystals will fall through a screen into a small compartment at the bottom of the grinder.

Kief is a bulbous, crystal-like formation at the top of a cannabis resin cell. But the substance itself is only one component of what is known as a trichome. 

What is a Trichome?

Trichomes are tiny, round glands found on both cannabis flower and the leaves. At close inspection, they resemble a tiny mushroom with a very thin stem.

These tiny glands are almost invisible to the naked eye and resemble fine crystals in appearance. Trichomes keep hemp plants healthy by protecting them from pesky pests like insects.

Trichomes are the crème-de-la-creme for hemp flower. The largest concentration of cannabinoids are found within the trichomes. Cannabinoids are also found throughout the plant but in smaller amounts.

Trichomes store essential oils and terpenes, which give CBD flower its flavor and aroma. 

CBD Kief Trichomes
Cannabis trichomes

Back to CBD Kief and Some Ways You Can Use It

Because of the high amount of cannabinoids found in Kief, it packs a powerful punch of CBD and is commonly used to enhance the cannabinoid experience.

Now that you are more familiar with CBD Kief, let’s dive into how to use it. Keep reading for some of the best ways to enjoy CBD Kief.

Smoking CBD Kief

The potency of kief is higher than that of flower so be aware of this when deciding how much to use.

Some Kief may contain as much as 50% CBD. You can roll a joint with ground hemp flower and mix in CBD Kief or pack it into a bowl. Remember, Kief burns fast and remains lit until it’s completely gone.

If you get distracted, it will burn out on its own!

Simply pack a bowl of bud into a pipe, bong, or other smoking apparatus. You can then sprinkle some kief on top of your bowl.

You should try to “corner” the bowl so the kief does not burn too fast. Be gentle and cautious when lighting the bowl so as not to burn up the kief entirely before getting to enjoy it.

Make Hash with CBD Kief

Hash is one of the oldest and well-known forms of refined cannabis.

Extracting Kief is one of the first steps in making hash. Hash is simply Kief that’s been heated and pressed into the form of a soft ball or rectangle. Heat and pressure are used to change the composition of Kief by breaking down its resin glands. After the Kief is ruptured, the overall taste and effect are slightly different.

Making hash out of Kief requires very little equipment.

Technically you could just roll Kief in your fingers and voila! Finger hash.

Alternatively, place your Kief in the corner of an old plastic bag and squeeze it together with your fingers. Within a few minutes you will have hash.

CBD Kief
Finger hash or "Cheeto Fingers"

CBD Kief: Making CBD Moonrocks

Moonrocks are premium-quality nugs that are coated with oil and rolled in Kief.

Moonrocks require very little effort if you have the right materials.

Lightly heat oil of your choice and coat the buds. You can sprinkle Kief on still-warm buds or use tongs to dip them in Kief.

After they have hardened, enjoy them by breaking them apart by hand and adding your homemade moonrocks to your bowl, bong, or joint.

CBD Kief Moonrocks
CBD Moonrocks

Some Nicknames for Moonrocks Are: Weed Caviar, Cannabis Caviar, and Caviar Weed

Although the names Moonrocks and weed caviar are often used interchangeably, others refer to cannabis caviar as marijuana buds that have been sprayed with hash oil instead of Kief.

Either way, next time you hear these nicknames, it will be clear that it’s a potent nug.

What is a CBD Moonrock and How Does It Work?

They are known for being some of the strongest and most potent CBD items on the marketplace.

CBD Moonrocks offer a high dose of cannabinoids, but without the high. People who need to consume high amounts of CBD for medical reasons prefer CBD Moonrocks.

Moon Rocks can have as much as 50% CBD because they are coated with Kief.

Most tinctures, however, contain between 5% and 20% CBD depending on where they were purchased.

Make Your Own Cannabutter

You can also cook with Kief and infuse your meals with cannabis.

Before you use Kief for cooking, you will need to decarboxylate it. Simply place it in an ovenproof pan and bake for 20 minutes at around 220-240 degrees Fahrenheit.

CBD Kief

Once the mixture is ready, you can mix it with butter and make your very own cannabutter.

Cannabutter CBD Kief

You Can Add CBD Kief To Your Hot Drink

You can add Kief to any hot beverage, including tea or coffee, but it must be hot to activate the cannabinoids.

First, heat must be used to decarboxylate the Kief. Just a little bit of Kief to a cup of hot coffee will do the trick.

You don’t need a lot of Kief to make an effective drink.

Final Thoughts on Using CBD Kief

You’re missing out if you haven’t tried CBD Kief yet!

This is an affordable way to get similar effects to concentrates.

All you need is a three-chamber grinder to boost your cannabinoid intake. You can mix it in with your coffee, make hash, cannabutter, moonrocks, or simply roll a joint or pack a bowl.

You’ll be grateful you did.

How do you use your CBD kief? We would love to hear from you!

CBD Kief is not psychoactive like its cousin THC. Because hemp has a low THC content, it doesn’t have the same effect as marijuana. This is why hemp is preferred to marijuana. They can still get the benefits of hemp without experiencing a high.

You can enhance your CBD experience by adding kief to another CBD product such as your pre-roll or flower. There are many ways you can enjoy kief.

Both hash and Kief have their advantages. Kief is easy to find and can help you get more for your dollar. Kief is stronger than regular buds, but not as potent as many other forms of concentrates. Hash is less sticky and offers a more intense high.

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