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Our Fruit Punch features a number of natural, delectable fruit flavors captured perfectly together in one bottle to give you a crisp, refreshing, thirst-quenching experience.

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41 reviews for Fruit Punch

  1. Dabner (verified owner)

    the fruit punch is the best!!!! now I only want FP!

  2. lance1337 (verified owner)

    Very good! I bought the 150mg and mixed it with a gallon of Arizona Watermelon because I’m a light weight. Very good and very potent.

  3. lbunn005 (verified owner)

    the fruit punch tastes too good! 150mg is a nice dose too.

  4. Taya Miller (verified owner)

    As potent as one would need for frequent or non frequent users! Great taste as well.

  5. Bibi Mercado (verified owner)

    This has the best taste of all the juices. I bought the 150mg and I’m definitely a lightweight, not a heavy smoker at all but I drank maybe 1/6 of the bottle and felt more than I wanted to. The 150 mg is too potent for low users so I would buy a lower dose or mix it with a different drink

  6. deletinglater0011 (verified owner)

    The fruit punch flavor is incredibly enjoyable! Additionally, the 150mg dosage hits just right.

  7. Amy Turpin (verified owner)

    The fruit punch is THE BESTEST!! Not only can I get it in the 150mg strength, but it taste GREAT. There is very little of the “weed” flavor I usually get with the sweet tea. (and I LOVE the sweet tea.) I’ll be buying this as long as they sell it. MAGNIFICENT!

  8. John (verified owner)

    Fantastic addition to the beverage line! The punch tastes great and has less sugar content than the lemon juice. I like the 150mg but there’s a personal strength for everyone…Highly recommended!

  9. RT (verified owner)

    Another one? Yes, another one. Add this you your list of go tos because the fruit punch is absolutely delicious. Thinking about adding it to a smoothie or something next time.

  10. Jude Hunt (verified owner)

    Got some of this today, and I had to give it a try as soon as I got the chance. Good stuff! I love the lemon juice, but the fruit punch is my new fave. It’s every bit as potent though, and it has a great taste.

  11. Sean Fick (verified owner)

    Good flavor will purchase again

  12. Mandy King (verified owner)

    I liked this one a lot. Definitely ordering more! Strong and sweet fruit flavor. Lasted for hours. So relaxing.

  13. Jude Hunt (verified owner)

    This stuff tastes great!

  14. youngdemont (verified owner)

    I really enjoyed this fruit punch. It’s was very relaxing and taste awesome

  15. Mello (verified owner)

    Thnxx love the taste. Potent

  16. nikeyrules79 (verified owner)

    By far the best I’ve tasted

  17. superstardom00 (verified owner)

    Great taste and great effects

  18. raking.farr (verified owner)

    This tastes so good. Becareful only small drinks you will live the feeling. Gave me the giggles..
    I loved it. Everything I’ve gotten so far has been well worth it.

  19. raking.farr (verified owner)

    This is great. Becareful only small drinks you will live the feeling. Gave me the giggles..
    I loved it. Everything I’ve gotten so far has been well worth it.

  20. Eshan Kamran

    Fruit punch even better then the sweet tea! would recommend

  21. vasilisaelise (verified owner)

    The fruit punch is so good I’ve ordered this twice. Currently on my 3rd order can’t wait for it to get here!

  22. smithkaylona (verified owner)

    My first try and it was very good. You definitely do not need to drink the whole thing.

  23. braedynmauldin (verified owner)

    Really good just if ur new to edibles don’t drink the whole bottle like me lol

  24. eshankay

    super sweet and potent

  25. Félix Lengyel

    I recommend!

  26. ogsavings5

    I love them very much

  27. ogsavings5

    I love it

  28. MSummerlin (verified owner)

    OMG these are the bestest EVER!! They have a really good taste. I went for the 150mg. I used it two different ways. The first was just taking a little so that I could have a very relaxed feeling for several hours. The second was for those times I felt like I needed more to help with pain. This way I could prepare myself, and spend all day doing nothing. Just sitting back and sipping one of these during a 24-48 hour period was worth it!! I had no cares at all, and no pain either lol. Also had the best sleep I have had in a long time. Definitely recommend these and hopefully can always have some ready when needed! As long as they are in stock I will always get more!!!!!

  29. BROOKE GARCIA (verified owner)

    Great product! This one doesn’t taste as good as some of the other flavors but works great. I break it up into small doses (1oz is about 15mg) and is good for me.

  30. punkypiggy19

    Great product!

  31. Gabe Comer

    Great fruit punch.

  32. Constantinus

    would recommend

  33. Luka Tim

    surprisingly good

  34. Brandon B

    Absolutely delicious! I’m definitely getting more. The mango lemonade is also amazing! The effects are the best part.

  35. palatialpoolsllc (verified owner)

    Love the 150…. I mix it with pineapple juice and and double the size of the drink making a tasty beverage for anytime of the day.

  36. tyler1

    great taste

  37. destiny


  38. Jude Hunt (verified owner)

    Quite tasty, and it will leave you satisfied. Don’t drink too much until you know what you’re getting into. If you are not familiar with edibles and beverages like this, be patient and try it out in small doses at first. It takes a bit to kick in, but when it does, it is a nice, relaxing feeling. Make sure your schedule is open the rest of the day because you will be in a very relaxed mood for several more hours. Fruit Punch is a great flavor. It is second only to Apple Cider.

  39. David Huggins (verified owner)

    Chronic Guru has done a great job with this product.

  40. gavinkeith1997 (verified owner)

    I was surprised by how good the fruit punch actually was. The 150mg was a bonus and a fantastic one at that, but I would drink this even without the 150mg!

  41. Rafael Heredia (verified owner)

    This tastes really good, and it also gets you really high I usually drink the whole thing in one sip and it lasts for about 6 hours if I do it like that, takes about 1 to 2 hours to take effect though, sometimes less. Really good product

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