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Introduction to Trophy Wife strain

Named Trophy Wife because of his obvious difficulty in growing, this strain is so incredible that you want to marry her. This high CBD grade contains over 18% CBD and provides a soft buzz with a sweet-sweet-aromatic profile. The taste profile is spicy with a touch of cherry. Bright green buds are narrow and dense. This strain is said to be good for a variety of ailments including nausea, chronic pain, migraine and chemotherapy side effects.

This strain is not called Trophy Wife for no reason, with a dark line of varieties the hemp flower variety Wife CBD is now recognized as one of the strongest CBD-dominant varieties. With up to 20% CBD in some phenotypes, The Trophy Wife has an impressive CBD: THC ratio of 20: 1 so users can expect an intense experience without actually maximizing the benefits of CBD blooms – no psychoactive effect. Thus, the load is controlled and stable during use and leaves no room for floating behavior, gigantic and involuntary.

Trophy Wife is a new hemp variety that has recently been harvested with 20% CBD and <0.117% THC. Trophy Wife flower has a sweet and tasty terpene profile and is therefore a perfect hemp flower that can be used at any time of the day.

The Trophy Wife is a hemp hybrid that is rich in CBD, although its original genetics are unknown. The physically calming effects of CBD are already noticeable on first consumption of this indica dominant strain. Although it is smokable, it is recommended to make edible or vaporous products a healthier alternative to rolling.

A high CBD content is not the only strength of the Trophy Wife strain. The buds are covered with a thick layer of resin, while their smell reminds of blueberries. The taste of this variety is fruity and earthy with hints of banana and cherry. With a normal CBD level of 20%, it is a must try if you are looking for a soothing experience.

Description of The Trophy Wife strain

  • High CBD and lower THC. Is used for its therapeutic effects on the body.
  • Produce hemp varieties with a high CBD content and a dense flowering.
  • Only natural ingredients. No use of pesticides, chemicals, additives or strong preservatives.
  • THC is less than 0.30%. Legal in the 50 states.
  • Tested in the laboratory.
  • No prescription required.

Origin of Trophy Wife

Trophy Wife is a balanced hybrid variety (50% indica / 50% sativa), consisting of a cross of the mighty varieties The Wife X Cherry Wine. The Trophy Wife buttons have bright green stems with bright golden reflections, bright orange hair and a thick, frosty layer of tiny trichomes of clear crystal and sweet, syrupy resin.

Note: There is no literature that specifies exactly where The Wife came from or how it was created. We only know that it has one of the strongest concentrations of CBD, of which up to 20% are known for some samples. Because of this, The Wife has been used in combination with a number of other varieties to create many other powerful varieties with its intense CBD content.

Processing of Trophy Wife strain

This seed line is the champion of CBD resin production. By initially reversing the 20% CBD phenotype of “The Wife,” an S1 phenotype search is performed to find a cut that ended earlier with the highest CBD content. After selecting a 19-week ice finisher with an average of 19% CBD and 0.3% THC, the wife is paired with the new 50: 1 male cherry wine to complement her offspring both in flavors and in compounds. Expect a superior appeal with an offensive strong cheese terp profile.

How to Grow Trophy Wife strain

Once you have your Trophy Wife seeds, you will find that it is not that difficult to breed them. Ideally you grow indoors, but you can also grow it outdoors if you have the right climate. It is usually ready to be harvested outdoors in early October, yielding up to 16 ounces per plant.

Since the trophy wife is such a short plant, it is perfect for indoor growing. Just water it twice and if you stay short, it gets bushier but still does not take up much space. It is recommended to use the Sea of ​​Green Culture Technique (SOG) and to consider a hydroponic structure.

With hydroponics instead of soil, you can shorten the flowering time by 9 weeks. Outdoor growers have to deal with the strong smell of this strain, while indoor growers with fans can control the smell. An activated carbon filter is ideal if you have a growing tent. In enclosed spaces, the yield of 24 ounces per square meter is enormous.

The complex genetics of the strain means that it is possible to obtain two different phenotypes (one Indica and one Sativa dominant). If you end up with a sativa phenotype, you will find that the size of the plant has doubled during flowering. The Indica phenotype tends to yield higher and often ends up to a week earlier.


Effect of Trophy Wife

The Trophy Wife Cannabis strain offers a mental delight with very gentle effects thanks to the CBD: THC ratio. A good mood is followed by a balanced, hour-long relaxation of body and mind.

The gradual effects of this CBD-dominant strain gradually take over the reins over a short period of time. The first thing you will notice is a feeling of increased calm. This relaxation spans the entire body, from the mind to the muscles. So you can sit without having to worry about the stress of everyday life.

Relaxation is the strongest effect of Trophy Wife and absorbs up to 90% of its effects. The rest of the effects are subtle at best and even go completely unnoticed by some users. If you are sensitive enough and able to detect changes, you may notice an increase in energy levels, a light feeling of happiness, and a slightly elevated focus.

Although the Trophy Wife is not necessarily the most motivating load, it creates a strong sense of relaxation and control. Even if it does not help you to do all your work, you will sit for a long time and be happy. In this sense, The Trophy Wife is a wise choice for users who may experience problems at an inopportune time.


Flavor of the Trophy Wife

The Trophy Wife has a nice scent and a little skunk. It has a sweet and floral taste and mixes the taste of berries, tropical fruits and sweet candies to give you a pleasant aromatic experience that will captivate the senses. But as you grapple with her taste, she’ll utter a subtle that might overpower the end of your trail.

In any case, an enjoyable experience, the Trophy Wife can become a strong and powerful smoke as the target approaches. All in all, the different flavors mix wonderfully and create a striking taste contrast that should appeal to all the senses, before the big effects take control.

Summary on Trophy Wife

The trophy wife is a beautiful strain with long, lively heads that have almost a dominant violet. Trichomes are as abundant as stamps. A few strokes are enough to instantly put you in a state of intense relaxation, as you will feel reassured from the beginning. Instead of feeling unable to perform the most common task, this stress brings about an effect that gives your body a little energy and gives you enough mental clarity to explore your creative side.

The aroma is very similar, with acidic citrus fruits and sweet herbs accentuated by a light earthy effect. The Trophy Wife is a winner, with super soothing and long-lasting effects that stimulate both the mind and the body. A few minutes after your first drag, you will experience a deep relaxation and a calm that will bring you warmth that immediately relieves the pain on the sidewalk. Trophy Wife is considered an ideal medical condition for the treatment of inflammation, autism, epilepsy or seizures, chronic pain, cramps and muscle spasms.

People who suffer from chronic pain, fatigue, stress or depression often rely on Trophy Wife to spend the day. Because it acts quickly to relax the mind and body, many see it as smoke for bedtime or as a way to spend a particularly painful afternoon. Trophy Wife gives them cravings and helps them to feed their bodies with food. People who are prone to anxiety may want to be able to cope with this burden more easily because it can cause disturbing feelings.

The Trophy Wife is rather easy to grow at home and produces an average amount of buds with plants that bloom between 6 and 8 weeks. It can be grown both indoors and outdoors.

Trophy Wife is for you. If you need pain relief or just want a quiet day to melt your creativity. Prepare for heavy smoke and you are well on the way to a day of relaxation and euphoria that will make you clear and painless. Listed below are the highlights of the summary on Trophy Wife

Trophy Wife Genetics: Wife S1 X Cherry Wine

Palate: Heavy notes of cheese and skunk complimented by cherry undertones

Potency: 15%-19% CBD / non-detectable <.3% THC

Harvest: 8 weeks indoor

Type:  Sativa dominant hybrid

Aroma:  Sweet, Diesel

Feeling:  Uplifted, Energy

Note: Trophy Wife is a high CBD strain that often advertises values ​​above 20% CBD and THC levels by 0.3%. CBD is the abbreviation for cannabidiol, the second cannabinoid after THC in terms of the average volume. Recently, research has shown that CBD has analgesic, anti-inflammatory and anxiolytic properties without the psychoactive effects (the feeling of being sick or bruising) that THC provides.


Conclusion on Trophy Wife

The hemp variety Trophy Wife is a hybrid of Wife S1 x Cherry Wine. This variety contains 0.3% THC with heavy cheeses, skunk notes and Cherry Wine cherry notes. With a CBD / THC ratio of 20: 1, intense terpenes and high levels of CBD, Trophy Wife is a best seller for its balanced profile of earthy, sweet and citrus flavors.

This marijuana strain has its own super powers, including the ability to give users a euphoric intoxication. It is strong enough to tackle common medical problems like headaches and anxiety, but it will not impress you unless you use a very high dose. This is a great option if you want to grow grass but have little room to work.

Because it’s a strain that gives you more of a boost of energy than calm, it lends itself to use in the late morning or afternoon. This should help you to improve your mood and enable you to endure a stressful day. Other potential benefits include improved concentration and concentration.

Note: It is strongly recommended that you act responsibly and consider this a cannabis product because it may look like marijuana.

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