Sample Pack

This is a perfect way to test the waters with Chronic Guru products.

(138 customer reviews)

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.
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What better way to get more for less? Whether you’re new to the family or a veteran, this is the perfect way to try out new products before committing to a specific one…or two…or however many you end up getting to your doorstep.

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138 reviews for Sample Pack

  1. Chelsea Bromley (verified owner)

    Ordered sample pack, received a decent eighth, but thought I was going to get small samples of at least two strains. I know I asked for sativa thc in the comments, but I wish I would have received more than one strain since the sample pack claims sample “product(s)” and had me expecting more. Regardless i am satisfied with the fact that it’s real and came swiftly. I received the lovely white widow. I had my eye on this strain since it is notorious for being potent and top shelf. it did not look like the white widow pictured on chronicGuru.,, BUT it did the trick with a focused head change. Definitely sativa dominant. Was expecting it to have smell or taste, but no. Some may prefer it that way and may love this earthy flower. THE GLASS LABELED JAR&Lid that it came with was awesome since it gave me home/California medical marijuana dispensary vibes. Going to collect their glass jars. Just placed another order and going to see if the lemon brûlée is as flavorful ???? as it claims to be.

  2. jghale526 (verified owner)

    Tried the edibles sample pack! All the products were delicious and high quality. Also excellent customer service!

  3. Charles Petteway (verified owner)

    Excellent product and great service customer service is helpful and friendly the product are of great quality

  4. Bradley Hamilton (verified owner)

    I also tried the eatable’s. What a great way to get to know your products. Cudo to your team. High quality. I well be get more soon.

  5. Dominick Amodio (verified owner)

    The Sample packs I have gotten were nice. I enjoyed the pre-rolls. I usually pick the surprise me option. Sadly I wish they had ice water hash but they do not.

  6. Daniel Cook (verified owner)

    Great website.
    I got this sample pack, package, it was colorful and had a small concisely sized bag of Green Crack. A breed of Cannabis Weed, like no other. This stuff was great. I say was because it was mostly used up by me, the consumer customer. I was happy with my product purchases and had a great feeling come over me, where I felt comfortable with what I ordered and how it helps with pain and stress. You guys are great as for a business of this type, your growers and your policies are always wonderful bud business for you and us, buds. Thank you buddy.

  7. Daniel Cook (verified owner)

    Great website.
    I got this sample pack, package, it was colorful and had a small concisely sized bag of Green Crack. A breed of Cannabis Weed, like no other. This stuff was great. I say was because it was mostly used up by me, the consumer customer. I was happy with my product purchases and had a great feeling come over me, where I felt comfortable with what I ordered and how it helps with pain and stress. You guys are great as for a business of this type, your growers and your policies are always wonderful bud business for you and us, buds. Thank you buddy

  8. Francesca SMITH (verified owner)

    We tried the sample pack! Good options and value for the price! We will be ordering more!

  9. tqmcmorris (verified owner)

    Best thing ever. Really nice package and all.

  10. tqmcmorris (verified owner)

    I chose surprise me and it really did. It would be an amazing gifts to gift to a love one.

  11. rlt1965 (verified owner)


  12. Preston Gill (verified owner)

    I chose to be surprised with a random strain of weed which ended up being the strain “sex panther” its cured well, frosty, beautiful colors, and potent 10/10

  13. Amy Turpin (verified owner)

    there was something chocolate in my surprise pack that was REALLY good. I’ll be looking fo rmore of that. 🙂 I haven’t tried the sweet tea or the Pina Colada gummies yet but i’m sure they will both be wonderful. I got the high potiency, but didn’t feel much. I’ve used CBD products in the past and had similar results. No euphoria, but it does help manage mild chronic pain, which is what I wanted it for.

  14. Christeena Gallimore (verified owner)

    The sample pack was such a surprise of goodies.

  15. Rashawn Johnston (verified owner)

    One of the best shii I had

  16. Rashawn Johnston (verified owner)


  17. Rashawn Johnston (verified owner)


  18. Rashawn Johnston (verified owner)

    Sample pack good

  19. tanker434us (verified owner)

    First order for me was a sample of Death Star. I was blown away with the customer service experience, the quick shipment and the product itself. For those of us dealing with extreme pain, ANY strain is a gift from the gods. Product was professionally packaged and weighed out as advertised. These guys are a class act and I highly recommend their products. Just placed my second order to try out a couple of other strains. j

  20. Demarquis Rembert (verified owner)

    Was a good sample test of what they had with great value. Wish there was more variety as I got two of the same pre-rolls but I loved the size and potency.

  21. Willie Coachman (verified owner)

    Great product. Great customer service. Highly recommended and a pleasure to do business with you.

  22. Kayla Wilson (verified owner)

    This is my first time trying the site and the sample pack came right in time for a family gathering. Being the black sheep, the lemonade definitely helped mellow me to survive the day.

  23. Kayla Wilson (verified owner)

    This is my first time trying the site and the sample pack came right in time for a family gathering. Being the black sheep, the lemonade definitely helped mellow me to survive the day. The edibles were amazing as well!

  24. Kayla Wilson (verified owner)

    Amazing products, with it being my first. Fast delivery.

  25. tshahde (verified owner)

    The Pre roll sample pack was AMAZING!

  26. Amy Turpin (verified owner)

    I wasn’t sure what to expect but wasn’t disappointed. I purchased two “surprise me” packs. I’m in love with the gummies. ???? If there is any way possible, I will NEVER run out of those. I got a decent range of products so I could get a feel for what I liked best. Only thing I haven’t tried yet was the sweet tea. Everything else was wonderful. I don’t smoke, but got a pre-roll, which I was thankful for! I didn’t get any effect (cause I don’t smoke I guess. LOL) but found I loved the taste and smell. The scent itself, to me, could be aroma therapy! Looking forward to using the sweet tea. Will definitely be making more purchases in the future.

  27. cherrqqy (verified owner)

    Great product worth the money

  28. Christeena Gallimore (verified owner)

    Absolutely love this little box of goodies.

  29. Christeena Gallimore (verified owner)

    This is the 2nd box I’ve ordered, and Chronic Guru doesn’t disappoint.

  30. akivavizcaino (verified owner)

    I got the edible ones. It came w lemonade, gummies, and chocolate i’m pretty sure. It was amazing. I loved it and so did my friends!

  31. Craig Bergstein (verified owner)

    Sample pack was exactly what I expected. It was a good mix of quality products. I enjoyed them and would def order again.

  32. Kyree Bolden (verified owner)

    Orderd the surprise me box which came with all edibles and when I tell you I thought I had a high tolerance until I got this box I am not joking everything in this box was potent and very delicious I will definitely be ordering again very satisfied with my purchase.

  33. Robert Hester (verified owner)

    Excellent sample pack. Mine came with a brownie, a cookie, a chocolate drop and a Lemonade drink. These are very potent, so it’s an excellent choice for more experienced consumers. Everything had a great taste with the exception of the Lemonade which I thought was good but not great. I would highly recommend the edible sample pack..

  34. digistar (verified owner)

    First time trying sample pack, nice ! Fast shipping

  35. Corin Plucinski (verified owner)

    Sample pack is the best bang for your buck to try out many of the edibles. We have ordered it twice and have gotten different items each time.

  36. KayyC (verified owner)

    Tried the pre-rolls sample pack and I loved it. I was able to see what I liked and didn’t and shipping was super fast. I would highly recommend!

  37. Sarah Surface (verified owner)

    I’ve just ordered my second sample edible package. Can’t wait to see what they send. First time I got the sweet tea, a caramel, green apple gummies, and overall I enjoyed them. Hoping for more variety this time. But I ordered a lot of stuff for my birthday!

  38. Rashad Dixon (verified owner)

    I did a sample pack of a flower medium and got some green crack. It looked and smelled good. I will be buying another sample pack.

  39. Amy Turpin (verified owner)

    I got the sample drink pack and received 4 varieties of drinks. Two sweet tea and two lemonaide all in different strengths. First, the taste is phenominal. I don’t typically like bottled sweat tea, but this stuff was delicious! Perfect amount of sweetness. Fortunately, I got the 150mg lemonaide (lemonjuice?) Again, I loved the taste, but I used it instead of lemonjuice in my lemon sugar cookie recipe and adjusted so I could use about 1/3rd of the bottle. The effect wasn’t really strong, but was just enough to mellow everyone out. 🙂 I’m so glad I found this site! Thank you guys for such wonderful products! I’ve currently got an order out with the doughnuts and a couple more sample packs. Can’t wait to get them! Thank you so much!!

  40. autumnboon (verified owner)

    Ordered the sample pack and picked High potency and the surprise me option. I was not sure what to expect at all. Got a nice little assortment of edibles. The Strawberry Kush sugar cookie was a decent size. Multiple servings and will definitely make you feel good all over.

  41. Jude Hunt (verified owner)

    Ordered a sample pack to try out some edible products since I had already tried some different flowers. I got a couple of cookies, one was a Chocolate Caramel Marshmallow thing that tasted amazing. The other was a Snickerdoodle. All I can say that I learned a bit of a lesson on my first taste. I ate about a third of the large chocolate cookie. I paid close attention to the time because I know edibles usually have a bit of a delay. After about 90 minutes, I was feeling some effects, it was nice. …and it stayed nice for about another 4 hours. At one point, it became so nice that I had to just stop what I was doing and chill out. Very relaxing. Just be careful of your dosing with high potent edibles, especially if you aren’t used to them. The delayed effect can cause you to bite off more than you can handle if you aren’t careful. Just be patient, it will get there. Second round, I had a better idea of the strength. I tried a bite of it, maybe a little less than a quarter of the cookie. It did not disappoint at all. I will definitely be ordering some more of these desserts.

  42. Jennifer McNutt (verified owner)

    I ordered the edibles sample pack. I loved everything but the tea (I don’t drink tea), but gave it to a tea drinker who was enjoyed it. Will buy sample packs again, great products & tried things I normally wouldn’t have picked

  43. Willie Coachman (verified owner)

    Always a pleasure to do business with you. Good products and variety along with people that care about what their doing. Love the sample packs to try the different flowers…..

  44. letsgojerry99 (verified owner)

    I received a sample of the oreo flower , was very happy with the effect, taste and burn, ???? I will definitely recommend it, and probably try more high potency Flowers ????

  45. Jcfig (verified owner)

    This sampler pack is a great idea if you are looking to try different strains before purchasing a larger quantity. I ordered a few times with different strengths and was very happy with the selection I received.

  46. autumnboon (verified owner)

    I finally got to try everything in the surprise me box I ordered. The ice tea was great you really only need a few sips. The caramel was amazing the flavor was sooo good. I would totally recommend the sample box and if you feel brave go for the surprise option I believe you will not be disappointed.

  47. williamcaine41 (verified owner)

    I received Gelato in my sample pack and it was perfect. It helped with my Chronic Pain and PTSD. It was very smooth and it was a relaxing weekend with it. Thank you Chronic Guru Staff.

    Ret Sgt Maj Caine

  48. superstardom00 (verified owner)

    The sample packs are a great way to try new products to see which you prefer.

  49. James McCrickard (verified owner)

    Great taste and speedy delivery!

  50. James McCrickard (verified owner)

    Second time ordering and this flavor is delicious!!

  51. Crystal Simonson (verified owner)

    Works great

  52. jspano (verified owner)

    I got death star from this for a flower sample. Hit really well. we smoke a ton and this is almost exactly like the real thing.
    good way to have them pick something new for you to try.

  53. arayasunshine84 (verified owner)

    The sample pack came quickly and with great quality products. Will be a returning customer from now on.

  54. Sean Fick (verified owner)

    The sample pack was decent for what it contained.. Got some Pina Colada Gummies and a caramel with some unsweetened tea. Decent price as well. Will order again in the future.

  55. Jarred Abney (verified owner)

    Arrived ahead of schedule discreet above and beyond

  56. echampeon90 (verified owner)

    The sample pack was great. I received 4, 1g prerolls ranging from 18 to 24 percent. I’ll definitely have to buy this again. They tasted great except 1 of them was weird and bitter but I still smoked it.

  57. andy.honorat (verified owner)

    The sample pack is great investment. you get to try the different stains they choose for base on your preference & it’s great. I got a low tolarance one to start off & I got some 4 pretty good strains that kept me high so I can’t wait to do the high tolerance one day.

  58. arcreeper (verified owner)

    Great service , good product , people are very knowledgeable, shipped on time

  59. arcreeper (verified owner)

    Was unable to leave review on the 2 ,1/8”s i bought , it would not let me leave a review , over all the product is good , its the web site that needs work ,

  60. gabrielbarretosantoos (verified owner)

    It’s a really good product, great service, educated people, and shipped on time!

  61. letsgojerry99 (verified owner)

    They sent me the Oreo , ???? was very good ???? , would like more.

  62. Jaelyn Austin (verified owner)

    Each flavor was great and all around a good body and mind high.

  63. Taya Miller (verified owner)

    Loved the lemon cookies ???? preroll they sent in the sample pack! Nice and smooth hit, and made me motivated ???? the red velvet was lovely too, I felt so relaxed after. Can’t wait to try more!

  64. Rodney Turner (verified owner)

    Was skeptical on trying this so I figured what could it hurt getting the $20 low tolerance pre-roll sample pack? If I felt anything at all, I figured it could be worth the plunge to get some of the high tolerance stuff since the prices are so good on this site. I am pleasantly surprised at the quality and the strength from the low tolerance sets. I’ve already placed an order on carts and the rice krispy edible and I’m looking forward to writing more reviews! Lemonade and iced tea are probably next

  65. wyattdailey05 (verified owner)

    Absolutely Amazing! Very Pleased With What I Got 🙂

  66. Taya Miller (verified owner)

    I love the variety they choose for you! It makes it so much easier to find out what’s best for you, and if you leave notes on the order they (at least in my experience) will pick ones that are best suited for you. Very satisfied with my purchase

  67. Taya Miller (verified owner)

    I love the variety they choose for you!

  68. Jonathan Jones (verified owner)

    So I just tried the sampler pack! Total came to $41.00 with no coupons. They sent me three doobs: Hindu ZSkittles, White Truffle, and Watermelon Zkittles. And man, the high I experienced from these were amazing. I ended up smoking all three doobs by myself in 2 days because I was just enjoying the high they gave me far too immensely. Usually, if I smoke too much, I’ll go from being high to being paranoid or anxious, but these fine folks’ weed is some of the best! I could smoke for long periods, as much as I wanted, and I just felt relaxed, concentrated, creative, and I was in a great zone the entire time! So happy to have found you guys! And you’re literally only about 30-40 miles away from my house. Neighbors! Thanks for being an awesome mom and pop shop for stoners!

  69. John (verified owner)

    You really can’t go wrong with sample packs because the product is so reliably good…and you’ll try things you might miss otherwise…high tolerance flower is highly recommended ⚡️

  70. John (verified owner)

    Chronic Guru edibles are excellent…especially when the surprise element is thrown in. The sample packs are always reliably fun⚡️

  71. Ethel Maye (verified owner)

    I decided to try a sample pack and so in addition to our favorite gummies we received a 3.5 g pouch of Red Velvet flower. So glad I received the Red Velvet, it may be my new favorite! I will definitely be reordering.

  72. Nataniel (verified owner)

    I wanted a surprise and purchased the Sample Box-Flowers. OMG… it was Raspberry Sherbet! When I say it was FIRE!!!!!! I am in love with this strand! The flavor and the relaxation and giggles were COMPLETELY what I needed! This is my ALL TIME favorite! You WILL NOT be disappointed…

  73. Brianna Minor (verified owner)

    Was pleasantly surprised, I am now a huge fan of Chronic Guru and will continue to recommend to others.

  74. Adam Marple (verified owner)

    Quick shipping, discreet and professionally boxed packaging, I got the pre-rolls sample pack and received some truly staggering treats. Thoroughly happy with the purchase and company.

  75. Xavier Ruiz (verified owner)

    wow I never thought this would be so good, much better than I expected I highly recommend it and I will order more

  76. 4ifixit (verified owner)

    This is hands the best medicine i ever ordered online, i wish there was a referral to send all my friends. The taste was superb, super fresh, smells pungent fruit smells. Since this was the sample box “mystery “ i got Vader OG,

  77. taigler (verified owner)

    Loved the sample pack…it was a great way to try out their products. All of them gave us our desired experience. And the customer service is awesome. We will be buying more.

  78. Jonathan Jones (verified owner)

    This is my second sampler Pre-Roll pack! Hindu Zkittles, Oreo, and Joker! Amazing highs that don’t leave me with a head smoke after I come back down and it leaves me feeling great. This is great product here and I’d suggest it to all my friends. Nothing but a great experience here!

  79. Nate Kouri (verified owner)

    This is such a great idea! I did not know what to expect prior to purchasing this pack, but I am so glad that I bought it. Amazing company!

  80. blackstar_riot (verified owner)

    My sample pack was white truffle . Great flavor and was pleasantly suprised with feeling over all

  81. emmaperez887 (verified owner)

    Y’all… When I say you gotta try this stuff I mean y’all gotta TRY it. I’ve dabbled in all the deltas and most of the new stuff that comes around because I love me a good loop hole, but THCa is NOT playing! I got a decent sized 8th of White Truffle and it honestly had me stunned, stoned, and shocked. Excellent quality all around. A small pinch hit left me with a relaxing and high quality 2 hours of chilling. You honestly couldn’t tell the difference between this and the real deal. 100% recommend at least giving it a try!

  82. Jonathan Jones (verified owner)

    I just bought several strains of Pre-Rolls, Tropicana Cookies, Jealous Banana, London Pound Cake, Rainbow Burst. ALL FANTASTIC. One thing I notice from buying from this dispensary that I can’t stress enough, as opposed to buying normally, is that I’m not left with depression or that “coming down phase” after I smoke (the next 2 days after without smoking). I don’t know if it’s because it’s organic or what. But I feel fine in the days after. Great products that I’ve tried so far!

  83. Spence (verified owner)

    This is a great way to try stuff out. The strains they give you are awesome and taste really good

  84. moreofmora (verified owner)

    i had tropicana cookies in my sample. i haven’t even smoked the others and i can already tell this may be my new favorite. great smell, great quality, and a very euphoric time.

  85. Jonathan Jones (verified owner)

    Wizard Punch is by far my favorite product on here. I just had some after Thanksgiving and it help me fight back depression around these times. I haven’t had a favorite strain on here until this one hit!

  86. becka.edwards97 (verified owner)

    I ordered the high tolerance sample pre-roll pack and the Pink Runtz is fantastic! Definitely worth the money. The only thing I didn’t care for was how smokey they are. They produce more smoke than other pre-rolls so it’s harder to be discreet about it. The actual quality is great though! Will buy again!

  87. Jonathan Galindo (verified owner)

    The sample pack is the best way to try a variety without having to go through the hassle of trying to choose one. I have gotten this a few times so far and I have not been disappointed.

  88. Jonathan Galindo (verified owner)

    The sample pack is the best way to try a variety without having to go through the hassle of trying to choose one. I have gotten this a few times so far and I have not been disappointed. The pre rolls have been too shelf quality so far in my opinion.

  89. RunnerUp420 (verified owner)

    If your new to this website, definitely recommend the sample pack to test it out. They won’t ever let you down on the flavors. Glad I found this site after moving to Florida.

  90. Larry Hill (verified owner)

    Very mild smoke and a great mood changer

  91. Larry Hill (verified owner)

    Very good smoke and a good mood changer. Would buy again.

  92. Erich Nelson (verified owner)

    All the prerolls I received were great. I just bought more today:)

  93. Julian C. (verified owner)

    I like the selected pre-rolls I am given. I have been getting some duplicates but luckily they are ones I enjoy. I like the price – almost the same if not cheaper than a dispensary. I love that I do not need to keep up with my medical card anymore. So glad I found this company!

  94. Larry Hill (verified owner)

    Prerolls is the way to order. You get the chance to experience different flavors and moods.
    I haven’t been disappointed, and will buy again.
    Chronic Guru has great, fast shipping and their packaging is outstanding!

  95. Larry Hill (verified owner)

    Prerolls is the way to order. You get the chance to experience different flavors and moods.
    I haven’t been disappointed and
    Chronic Guru has fast shipping and their packaging is outstanding!

  96. Dionyos Sylvester (verified owner)

    Got the sample pack today. Great way to start 2024!!! No more driving for the irie. It comes to me!!!

  97. Eshan Kamran (verified owner)

    za got me fried

  98. Eshan Kamran (verified owner)


  99. Pulga Negus Nagast (verified owner)

    I pick a sample pack of prerolls and enjoy 3 different strains. Was very helpful because I choose one of then and make an order of a 1/4 of Hindu Skittles. Love it! When you guys sent me the Mystery box on Thanksgiving was the most powerful cake I ever ate! THE BLACK OUT BAR!!! Guaooooooooo!!!! #exclusive #Thank youuuuuu

  100. MilesHartzogg$ (verified owner)

    I purchased the high tolerance pre rolls, they haven’t even came yet and I’m writing this review. Excellent customer service,

  101. Zachary Jenkins (verified owner)

    Great mix of things the lemonade was our favorite

  102. Amy Wilson (verified owner)

    Great variety. All the strains were great.

  103. Casper Luke (verified owner)

    I tried the prerolls sample pack and got 3 different strains. All three were great, very smooth and tasty. It was a great way to try different ones and see how they affect, so I can order specific styles based on that. 10/10 will definitely order again!

  104. MilesHartzogg$ (verified owner)

    Just received my first order for the pre rolls good varieties. Packaging was great with the coffee beans smells great, overall I love this website. Will be ordering again soon🥇

  105. Jonathan Marshall (verified owner)

    Saw the ad and thought I would try it. Best descision I ever made. Shaipping was good, the product was good and I will be ordering again, but this time not the sample packet. That was the thing that made me wanna try other flowers to see if they are just as strong. I love it and will buy again.

  106. jeremy.shelton.iris (verified owner)

    Great way to get into edibles and the rest of the items on here. Super potent and some really delicious items on here too like the Rainbow Bar and the cookies.

  107. Eshan Kamran (verified owner)

    great product. i will definitely be looking at your strains! fantastic stuff

  108. STEVEN GIBSON (verified owner)

    This is a great way to find out different strains to try and what to like this should be your first purchase

  109. Jonathan Jones (verified owner)

    Tried Crotch Rocket, Gas Face, and Bubble Bath, and they were all fantastic, had a great taste, and the smells from the various strains were amazing. Crotch Rocket in particular had an awesome fragrance… oh yeah, and they made me feel awesome of course! Great sample pack!

  110. Rei Collins (verified owner)

    Enjoyed the sample pack of the pre rolls. The rolls were big and tasted great. I enjoyed Gas Face the most. But all of the pre rolls were pretty good

  111. kmmran

    I recommend the pre rolls!

  112. eshankay

    great price for the bud. will be trying to edibles next!

  113. WhiteWi (verified owner)

    The best thing I ever had in my life! Smells so good and flavor is great. You won’t regret.

  114. Sterling Smith (verified owner)

    First time trying this product I am very happy with my purchase, it arrived fast and discreet. I live in Texas & I ordered it on Tuesday night and received it on Saturday. The flower is pleasant and strong, a strain called Bubble Bath(I assume that’s the strain because that’s what it says on the package), it was nice to see and smell the buds when I opened the package and a great introduction to the company. I will be a returning customer, Thank You!

  115. punkypiggy19

    I love samples

  116. Daniel Dormevil (verified owner)

    When in doubt always go with the sample pack. I like trying different strains and of course I wasn’t disappointed. Can’t wait for my next purchase

  117. burroughs.brandon (verified owner)

    So happy I decided to order this! I was very pleased with the mystery selection I received. This is an excellent way to try different products.

  118. gallon.ciara (verified owner)

    Great high! Always fast shipping!

  119. Brandon B (verified owner)

    I love this company ! The delivery and every product I’ve tried so far is absolutely sublime.

  120. Matthew Farrell (verified owner)

    Fantastic, excellent chance to try out some of CG’s great strains.

  121. Gabe Comer

    Would recommend!

  122. Constantinus

    delicious and high quality

  123. ADRIAN Frias (verified owner)

    The edible sample pack has pretty good stuff. The lemonade was the best!!!

  124. Larry (verified owner)

    This was our 3rd order of the sample pack. It’s a great way to try different strains. Will buy again.

  125. pay_pa_chasa (verified owner)

    Pleasently surprised, it was a preroll sample pack, I got Hindu Zkittles, Apple Fritter, Pink Runtz and I immediately went looking for them on the site.

  126. pay_pa_chasa (verified owner)

    Hard to resist at checkout the preroll sample packs are always a pleasent surprise.

  127. encrypticshit

    Awesome little sample pack, would highly reccomend!!!!

  128. Luka Tim

    good bud and nice packaging

  129. Brandon B (verified owner)

    These cartridges are great for on the go. Also for anyone who works in a corporate or medical environment, they’re ideal to have for when you can’t have the flowers.

  130. tyler1

    get the pre rolls!

  131. Lorenzo Guerra (verified owner)

    Like what they send me on the sample pack and now im buying again and i look forward to keep buying

  132. Lorenzo Guerra (verified owner)

    cereal milk i recommend to start off the day.
    And jelly donut for the night to relax😁👍🏼 both are really good…..

  133. Julie Marshall (verified owner)

    Best buy ever! Three different varieties. Each with a enjoyable mood shift. Highly recommend ❤️

  134. destiny


  135. Brandon B (verified owner)

    The sample pack is a great way to discover different products.

  136. pay_pa_chasa (verified owner)

    The sativa selections were exactly as they described them to be on the labels! I enjoyed everything in the box so much I went back online to look for them.

  137. Daniel Dormevil (verified owner)

    After a long day at work this hit the spot. Amazing feeling and unburdening

  138. Adam G. (verified owner)

    Got this as an add-on deal when checking out. Got a small variety of edibles including sweetened tea, rainbow bar, and a cookie. Love the rainbow bar and cookie. I liked that each of the items had a different effect on me.

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