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Tolerance Breaks: delta-8 and beyond

Tolerance Breaks: Delta-8 and Beyond

If you are a regular delta-8 user, you may have noticed that the effects were stronger when you first began using it.

This is because our bodies can build a tolerance to cannabinoids like delta-8. The more often you take it, you will notice that you feel the effects less and less.

You find yourself taking more delta-8 for the same effects that you experienced when you first started using it.

This is not limited to delta-8 either. If you take any cannabinoid every day or even more often than that, you will soon develop a tolerance to it. 

Our bodies naturally build a tolerance to substances that we ingest. This makes sense; the more we are exposed to certain substances or anything really, our bodies get accustomed to it. We become desensitized over time.

When this happens, it is time for a tolerance break. 

Building up a tolerance to delta-8 or any other cannabinoid can be a source of frustration for many people. When we build up a tolerance, we require more of that particular substance in order to feel its effects.

This can weigh heavy on both our wallets and our bodies as we have to increase our dosage. 

So what’s to be done?

You could just keep taking more and more and let the expensive cycle continue. Or, save your money by taking a tolerance break.

Read on to find out how rewarding and simple a tolerance break can be!

Tolerance break delta-8

Tolerance Breaks: What Is It?

A tolerance break (also called a t-break) is a process that resets your body’s tolerance to certain products. Tolerance is a state in which our bodies become resistant to almost anything we consume, including cannabis and medications.

Your body builds up a reserve of chemical compounds when you consume something frequently. The chemical compounds build up in your system, making you less sensitive to their effects. You can develop a tolerance to any substance. However, this can sometimes be remedied by taking higher doses.

This can get expensive though, especially when it comes to cannabis products.

Tolerance breaks are temporary periods where you stop consuming the product you’ve built up a tolerance to. T-breaks allow your body to flush out any compounds that have built up. This facilitates a reset in your body. 

After you have taken the time to let your body reset, when you consume the substance again, you will likely feel the same level of desired effects you felt in the beginning. 

THC is often associated with tolerance breaks. But you can also develop tolerance to other substances. Studies have shown similar results in terms of caffeine tolerance. If you find yourself needing multiple cups of caffeine to get your morning started, it is probably because you have a high tolerance.

Let’s take a look at delta-8 for example.

Tolerance break

Tolerance Breaks: What is Delta-8?

There are many cannabinoids that have recently made their mark in the world of cannabis. Delta-8 is arguably one of the most popular aside from CBD.

This cannabinoid, delta-8, is one of the many cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. It is a psychoactive cannabinoid as it is a form of THC. It is an isomer or analog of delta-9 THC, which is the main psychoactive compound in the cannabis plant.

Delta-8 THC is popular because it is about half as potent as delta-9 THC so it has milder and less intoxicating effects. 

In addition, D8 THC doesn’t have some of the negative side effects associated with delta-9 THC like paranoia and anxiety.

Delta 8 THC interacts with the endocannabinoid (ECS) system. The ECS is a part of all mammals and regulates many essential body processes such as sleep, appetite, digestion, distress tolerance, mood, and much more. The body naturally produces some endocannabinoids, which are similar to cannabinoids found within cannabis plants. Delta 8 binds to receptors found in the ECS known as the CB1 or CB2 receptors.

Specifically, Delta-8 THC binds to the CB1 receptor which is the psychoactive receptor. 

Tolerance Breaks: Delta-8 THC

It won’t take long for your tolerance to build up if you take Delta 8 every single day, especially in large amounts. The effects eventually diminish and are short-lived. The body’s natural ability to produce endocannabinoids is also affected by a higher level of cannabinoids. You can get more effects from lower doses by taking a Delta 8 tolerance cut.

Delta 8 temporarily should be stopped in order to break your tolerance. It is important to be consistent in your approach. It is helpful to establish a timeline for your t–break. Use the end date as a motivator!

tolerance break

Tolerance Breaks: Why Is It Important?

Your body will build up a tolerance to Delta 8 if you don’t take t-breaks every now and again. This can have multiple negative consequences. The effects of Delta 8 will begin to diminish and the dosage will feel less potent. To get the same benefits, you will need to take larger amounts of Delta 8. Not only is this frustrating because you have to take so much more to get the same effects, but it gets expensive quickly.

A tolerance break will help you and your wallet tremendously.

Tolerance Breaks: How Long Should It Last?

When it comes to delta-8, the tolerance breaks can be pretty short. This is because D8 THC has a shorter tolerance window than delta-9 THC.

Essentially this means that delta-8 flushes out of our systems faster than delta-9.

Each person is unique and will recover their tolerance differently. Take a week-long tolerance break and observe how you feel. If you feel your tolerance is still low, you can try longer t-breaks (10-14 days) later.

Preventative Measures

Regulating your delta-8 THC tolerance comes down to the frequency of use. Your best bet is to practice moderation.

Instead of taking large doses of your D8, try taking smaller doses and skipping a day or two.

While there are some preventative measures, there is no real way to truly prevent your body from building a tolerance to any substance.

Your body’s ability to build a tolerance to a certain substance is an inevitable biological process. So, the best way to avoid building a high tolerance is to take short t-breaks and practice moderation in your consumption.

Tolerance break

Tolerance Breaks: When Is It Necessary?

Ultimately, it is up to you. Everyone’s body is different and the way we process cannabinoids depends on various biological factors.

If you want to know more about how our bodies process cannabinoids and how long they stay in our system, check out this article: Delta-8: How Long Does It Stay In Your System?

That being said, some people can take D8 every day and still have a low tolerance. While others may build a tolerance more quickly, it depends on many different factors relating to our individual biologies.

Does The Body Need Tolerance Breaks?

While tolerance breaks are not necessary, they are highly recommended. You could theoretically continue taking Delta 8 every day, and increase the doses. Over time, this would get really expensive. Tolerance breaks are more effective and also free!

How To: Taking a Delta-8 Tolerance Break

There are many ways to go about taking a tolerance break. It’s really up to you. The most effective way is to quit cold turkey for about a week or so. Reducing the dosage will not be enough as your body has already built up a reserve. 

The best way is to take a period of time where you cut out the cannabinoid completely and reset your tolerance.

Tolerance breaks are a real testament to self-discipline. Delta-8 offers many benefits, and if you’ve become accustomed to it then it can be hard to say goodbye completely for a few days. Just remember it is only temporary and it will benefit your relationship with the cannabinoid in the long run. 

Having a friend to help you stay accountable is a good preventative measure as well. 

If you get yourself into the right mindset, a tolerance break can be exciting! You have something to look forward to. Celebrate the end of your t-break by getting some of your favorite D8 or other cannabinoid products.

Once you take it after all that time and feel the benefits, it will be well worth the wait.

Delta-8 Tolerance Break: Closing thoughts

If you are a frequent delta-8 user, a tolerance break is always a good idea. A t-break is a time for your body to rest, reset, and recalibrate its relationship to whatever substance you are taking time from. 

It is important to be mindful of how much delta-8 (or whichever cannabinoid you prefer) it takes for you to feel the effects. If you are noticing that you have to take more and more to feel the same effects, it might be time for a t-break!

Practice patience and be gentle with yourself and your t-break will fly by. It may seem hard in the beginning but it will be well worth it for both you and your wallet. After about a week, you should notice a real difference in how delta-8 or any other cannabinoid, affects you.

A word of caution, make sure you start slow and integrate the D8 back into your routine with care. You may be used to using a lot more prior to your t-break, and this amount might be too much and overwhelming after you reset your body via a tolerance break.

You will be pleasantly surprised at the difference a tolerance break can make!

Have you ever taken a t-break? How was it for you? Let us know!

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